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Research assistant in biogeochemistry and/or biometeorology

  • Du 28 novembre 2023 au 01 mars 2024
    Campus Lombarderie
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Reasearch assistant in biogeochemistry and/or biometeorology

Thanks to PEPR FairCarboN (https://www.pepr-faircarbon.fr/) and the project CarboNium,  RSBE2 is looking for a research assistant in biometeorology.
You have:
- an expertise in atmospheric eddy-covariance
- a PhD or Master degree in biogeochemistry and/or biometeorology
you want:
- to contribute on increasing the knowledge about costal area ability to cope with climate change
- to be part of the PEPR FairCarboN but also the European project REWRITE Project EU and a wonderful team in Nantes Université

This position is for you!
You will provide technical and analytical support for the development and coordination of a network of flux towers measuring greenhouse gas exchanges (CO2 and CH4) between coastal ecosystems and the atmosphere in French areas: Atlantic coast (Loire estuary and Pertuis Charentais), Méditerranée (Camargue) and New Caledonia.

You will be based in Nantes, and will be responsible for maintaining the towers (mainland France), and curating the data. An assignment in Caledonia is envisaged.

For more details :
or contact : vona.meleder@univ-nantes.fr
To apply, please send your CV + cover letter to : pole-sante.recrutement@univ-nantes.fr

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