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Ph.D. position at ISOMer - sedimentary dynamic and microphytobenthos

  • Du 23 mai 2023 au 03 juillet 2023
    Campus Lombarderie
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PhD thesis : Multi-scale relationships between sedimentary dynamic and microphytobenthos in estuarine mudflats

You have a Master's degree and background in at least two of the following fields:
 Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
 Coastal zone ecology
 Modeling using R or Python programming language
 Carbon fluxes
 Drone mapping

This PhD position is for you!

The objective of this thesis is to develop a methodology for the morphological and ecological monitoring of intertidal estuarine mudflats colonized by microphytobenthos (MPB) using remote sensing data. The key drivers of temporal and spatial variations of sediment and MPB, and more particularly its diversity, biomass, and primary production (capture of atmospheric CO2) will be investigated at different spatial scales. We will investigate how topographic variations from the micro-scale (a few cm2) to the macro-scale (several km2) influence the spatial distribution of MPB. We will also focus on extreme events (exceptional flooding or storms, significant mud deposits) to estimate their impact on the distribution of the MPB and its recolonization dynamics.
Deadline to apply: 3/07/2023
Here and how to apply: https://theses.doctorat-bretagneloire.fr/vaame
Using this form: https://theses.doctorat-bretagneloire.fr/vaame/application-form-for-a-phd-in-doctorale-school-vaame-2023-en.docx

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